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A large car manufacturer is looking for a big amount of carbon emission compensation due to a large extension of their factories to produce more cars. This corporation calculated they need 200 tons of carbon credits in a year’s schedule. They go to the Coorest platform and place their buy order for 200 tons and the time of delivery. Tree token holders see the buy order and can participate in the CO2 staking pool to sell their CO2 tokens. Once the staking pool for this order is filled, the payments are settled via escrow smart contracts. The CO2 tokens are transferred to the buyer and stakers are paid in $CRST. The corporation can choose to compensate for its CO2 footprint by burning the tokens via the platform and get PoCC in return. In case they don’t need to compensate anymore, they can sell the CO2 tokens back to the platform against a 20% discount. Investors can buy back the CO2 tokens to resell or stake the tokens.

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