Military Policeman 👮🏽‍♂️ of 5 years turned Product Designer ✨

Switched from solving problems on the street to solving problems on the internet

Case Studies

The registration process that merchants need to complete in order to be able to accept payments from customers and be settled directly in their bank account

Yolo food delivery app

Yolo is a food mobile app created to serve as a food delivery service. Since it's positioned between 3 primary schools, our main goal was to create a brand that is mainly focused on kids and have friendly playful colors.

Coorest DApp was created with the purpose of managing the NFTrees that people bought on market, to claim the $CCO2 tokens that they generated, stake $CRST tokens and also swap ballance.

Web Design projects

Below you can find some websites that I've lead and built using Elementor Builder


Website I’ve created for the company I’m currently working at. I have lead the process from the beginning which includes:

  • Sylq brand: logo, colors, assets, and generally the look and feel of everything.
  • Strategy: Wire-framing on FigJam and validating the flows with the stakeholders and marketing team


Website I’ve created for my former company previous to Sylq. I lead the strategy of the website working together with the marketing team and validating it with the Stakeholders to meet the business requirements.

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